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C.F.F. Stainless Steels is North America’s premier certified stainless steel supplier and value-added processor of competitive quality stainless steel products with operations in Canada and the U.S.

It is our policy to provide our customers with the best possible stainless steel products at a competitive price level.

We have organized and implemented a Quality Management System and have integrated all of the control aspects of quality assurance into each employee’s mandate. This system creates a thought process that supports our quality concepts and objectives, and reinforces our commitment to meeting both customer needs and expectations while improving customer service and satisfaction.

Through measurable performance objectives such as on-time delivery and by continually improving the effectiveness of our quality system, we not only ensure quality products, but products delivered on time.

Our dedicated staff can help fulfill all of your stainless steel service needs including plasma cutting, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, stainless steel polishing, stainless steel shearing and saw cutting. We also have a full inventory of a variety of high-quality stainless steel products such as stainless steel plates, tubes, pipes, sheets, bars, chains and fittings.

Please contact us today. We truly are your one-stop shop for stainless steel!

Brian R. McComb

Painless Stainless