Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting uses a focused, computer directed, laser beam to melt materials. This results in accurate, high-quality cuts, typically for industrial manufacturing applications and ideal for cutting small holes and intricate shapes. 

There are many parameters that impact cut quality when laser optics are combined with CNCs. 

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Laser Cutting Services

Our laser cutting services include:

  • Four Mitsubishi 3015 LVP high-speed laser cutting machines with exceptional detail capability
  • Our new Mitsubishi ML 4020RX high-speed laser with:
    • FAB control – expands processing stability across the cutting area, decreases processing time, and provides better edge quality
    • Improved Diamond Path Technology – for constant beam control and exceptional cutting performance
  • We can now process your stainless sheet and plate up to 1 inch thick with high accuracy and speed! 

Laser Cut Metal

Laser cutting can be used on a variety of metals - including aluminum plates, stainless steel and mild steel - although CFF specializes only in stainless steel.

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