Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting involves a computer directed plasma torch - which is used to cut through electrically conductive metals with an accelerated jet of hot plasma.

CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC plasma systems offer superior edge quality for serious fabrication or manufacturing projects. CFF specializes in cutting stainless steel - however other conductive metals can be cut as well.

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Plasma CNC Machine Capabilities

CFF Stainless Steels Messer Hd cuts steel:

  • up to 3 inches thick with tolerances ranging from +/-.030 inches to +/-.125 inches.
  • With a 228 x 504-inch cutting area, CFF can handle any size steel plate with ease.

In our Montreal location, CFF’s ESAB plasma cutter

  • has a bed size of 96 x 288 inches
  • and cuts steel up to 1½ inches thick. 

Our flat-rolled cutting facility houses the most advanced stainless steel cutting technologies available. Learn more about CFF Stainless Steels, our products and services.