Plate & Parts Flattening

Roller leveling is the most precise and efficient way of attaining flat parts, sheets or strips. 

Utilizing its ARKU FlatMaster® 120, the largest precision roller leveller in Canada, CFF Levelled Flat services resolves the biggest concerns for stainless steel plate and parts customers. This includes bowing, twisting, straining as well as stressing and results in stainless steel plates and parts that are easier to form, weld and fabricate. Our reduction of internal stresses is unmatched!

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With less downtime and more cost savings for your business, CFF delivers - levelled plate and parts from 0.120” to 1 3/8” thick. 

Roller Leveling

Roller leveling is a bending process that flattens sheets, parts and strips with the highest precision, unlike other methods. A series of alternating bends is created in a piece as it is passed between upper and lower sets of leveling rollers.

Leveling Applications 

The ARKU FlatMaster® hydraulic precision leveler provides outstanding leveling results for stamped, laser-, flame-, and oxyfuel-cut parts and sheets. The ARKU guarantees exceptional flatness for projects demanding strict requirements and are intolerant of springback in material and height deviations. These can range but are not limited to robots, lasers, automotive, office furniture and appliances.