Stainless Steel Saw Cutting and Shearing


C.F.F. Painless Stainless™ can process stainless steel to your requirements with plate and automatic billet saw cutting and shearing.

The left saw in this image is a Cosens SV-80130 Traversing head plate – saw cutting stainless steel up to 34 inches thick by 96 inches wide by 276 inches long. The saw on the right hand side is a Cosens C-1000NC Automatic Gantry Type Billet – saw cutting stainless steel 39.4 inches high by 93.4 inches wide.


shearingShearing is a process that cuts stainless steel without the use of burning or melting. C.F.F. Painless Stainless™ can sheer cut sheet, plate, and stainless steel rods anywhere from ½ inch to 12 feet in width.

Painless Stainless