Water-Jet Cutting

CFF Stainless Steels flat-rolled cutting facility houses some of the most advanced stainless steel cutting technologies available, including our Flow Dynamic water-jet cutters:

  • Our largest commercial dynamic water-jet cutter, aptly named “Flowzilla.”
    • Flowzilla’s cutting surface is a massive 80 inches by 288 inches and processes stainless steel plate up to 6 inches in thickness
  • Our Mach 4020c with Dynamic XD®:
    • Easily achieves complex shapes
    • Cuts with 5-axis motion for bevel cutting and 3D cutting of parts with high accuracy
    • Provides a higher quality cut part directly off the cutting table, which can eliminate secondary processing

Key Benefits of Bevel Cutting with Water-jet include:

  • Minimal kerf allows incredible detail
  • No thermal damage
  • Net or near-net cutting, with little or no hand finishing

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