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CFF Stainless Steels provides for all your Stainless Steel needs with Stainless Steel products and value-added services contained in house.

We stock, cut, polish and ship anywhere in North America to ensure your complete Stainless Steel order is delivered on time and on budget.

Plate and Parts Flattening

Utilizing its ARKU FlatMaster® 120, the largest precision roller leveller in Canada, CFF Levelled Flat service resolves your biggest concerns for flat Stainless Steel plate, sheet, and parts. This includes bowing and twisting. Our reduction of internal stresses is unmatched!

With less downtime and more cost savings for your business, CFF Stainless Steels Inc. delivers levelled plate, sheet, and parts from 0.120” to 1 3/8” thick.

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We will make your next architectural, sanitary, or high purity Stainless Steel project shine. Our in-house skilled technicians will ensure your project is polished to your standard. CFF can polish plate, sheet, parts, square and rectangular tube and round tube and pipe up to 14” in outside diameter.

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Laser Cutting

We continually invest in the latest laser technology to provide the highest quality cuts in the industry.

We can process your stainless steel sheet and plate with great accuracy.

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Water-Jet Cutting

Our flat rolled processing facility houses some of the most advanced Stainless Steel cutting technologies available. These include our bevel cut water-jets which can process Stainless Steel plate up to 6” thick.

Discover the possibilities of water-jet cutting

Plasma Cutting

Our high-speed precision plasma cutting technology provides laser style high quality Stainless Steel cutting up to 2 ¼” thick.

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In-House Stainless Steel Processing

We proudly carry an extensive selection of Stainless Steel products which can be processed in-house. From Stainless Steel sheet to pipes and fittings and much more, our team makes sure to meet your unique Stainless Steel requirements with the highest satisfaction. Learn more about CFF Stainless Steels and request a customized quote today!
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